Getting a new pet is a lifetime commitment. Some pets will live 15+ years. You should think carefully before choosing a new member for your family. Do some research in books or on the internet about the type of pet/breed you are interested in. Some pets will require special diets, lots of grooming or extra exercise time. It is important to consider whether you have the time, money and other requirements that a pet may need before making the adoption or purchase. Adopting a large or energetic dog to share your small apartment, for example, is probably not going to work out. A quick stroll through one of our local animal shelters will illustrate why it is important to think ahead before investing your heart and money.

If you cannot adopt a pet at this time, why not make a donation to the Bakersfield SPCA or The Kern County Animal Shelter? 100% of the proceeds raised thru our AEUC online gift store are donated to the Bakersfield SPCA & The Kern County Animal Control Organizations. Visit our links or AEUC Store pages for more details. We thank you for your donations; every dollar helps towards saving a precious life.

Below is a list of links to assist you in finding your new friend. These links are provided for your imformation and convenience only, and no responsibilty or liability can be accepted for the content, accuracy or any other aspect of these sites. The provision of these links does not imply an endorsement by Animal Emergency & Urgent Care.

Please contact the following organizations for hours and directions to their facilities:
Arvin Animal Control
(661) 854-5583

Bakersfield SPCA
(661) 323-8353

ALPHA Canine Sanctuary (dogs only)
(661) 391-8212

Cat People (cats only)
(661) 327-4706

Delano Animal Control
(661) 721-3377

Shafter Animal Shelter
(661) 746-2140

Kern County Animal Shelter
(661) 868-7100

Wasco Animal Shelter
(661) 758-7240

Lake Isabella Animal Shelter
(760) 379-1696

Tehachapi Humane Society
(661) 823-0699

Homeward Bound Sanctuary (Golden Retrievers only)
Sandy Hale